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Custome Tune Info

A custom calibration is one of the best things you can do for your vehicle especially after its been modified. Even stock unmodified cars can reap the benefits of a custom tune!!

A custom calibration allows the ecm to work like it was designed, meaning we do not "trick" or mess with random parameters in order to get the results we want. Our goal is to give you an oem like calibration that we command what we want, not trick the ecm into seemingly giving us the results we want for the wrong reasons.

We do this by collecting data, making calculations and adjusting the proper tables, functions and scalers in a scientific way in order to achieve the results we want. We can also remove some of the compromises that the factory builds in and makes the car drive and shift and perform how you want and to its potential. Increased throttle response, better driveablity, and even an increase fuel mileage is often experienced.

If you have any questions after reading this page please feel free to Send us an email.


General Policys

Due to shop configuration and safety reasons we CANNOT "TUNE WHILE YOU WAIT" The vehicle will need to be left the day before tuning is scheduled.

You will be required to sign a release form or we will not dyno or dyno / tune your vehicle.

All vehicles will be subject to a "fit to dyno" inspection.

If your exhaust stops in front of the axle at minimum it needs to have turn downs installed. This is a safety issue, we cannot have hot exhaust blowing directly on the rear axle or straps they will melt! We will inform the person requesting service of the issue and if they wish to proceed then unorthodox or incomplete exhaust setups that require additional setup will be subject to a surcharge, or a $100 minimum charge if the service was not completed for fear of melting the straps. 

You should plan on being without your vehicle for 3 days. While this extra time is not normally needed, glitches can occur that require extra parts or time in order to finish the calibration.

We will notify you on the tuning day if the calibration is complete or if we need extra time, parts etc to complete the tune.

Arrangements can be made if OUR schedule allows that you can see a dyno power pull. The tuning process isn't nearly as exciting as most people think!

We reserve the right to accept or reject service.

Our guidelines for dyno testing / tuning represent the minimum that should be done by the car owner / operator before the date of service.

Please ask us if you have any concerns or questions that may be unique to your vehicle.

We take cash, credit cards and money orders. No checks will be accepted.

Prices do not include Ohio sales tax.

We will try to correct very minor mechanical problems that may arise or that were un- accounted for (ones that will take 15 minutes or less will not be charged labor). Anything that take longer than 15 minutes will require that you pay our normal labor rate.

If there is a tuning issue that we cannot solve, as long as everything is ok with the vehicle, you will not be charged and we will keep the tune and tuning device.

If we have attempted a tune and there are mechanical or electrical conditions that prevent us from finishing the car, you can either purchase what we have up to that point or we can stop and you'll be charged $150 labor plus the cost of the tuning device.

We will try to solve calibration issues after the initial tune for 15 days. We will not charge for this IF it was our problem. If when solving an issue, it turns out to be a mechanical or electrical problem, you will be charged our normal labor rate. Minimum of one hour.

If you are not happy with the calibration but the timing and A/F are acceptable, and the problems you are experiencing cannot be reproduced to us, we may issue a refund minus an $150 dyno / labor charge and we will keep the tuning device.


All Cars

Make sure your car is in good mechanical condition. No leaking or burning oil, no coolant leaks (they can just "pop"), no rod knocks etc. If possible, run a trouble code check to be sure you aren't having electronic or sensor problems you don't know about, please fix any found, or let us know about them and we'll fix it at our normal labor rate.

The ECM must be in good running condition, all the diagnostic ports i.e. the OBD II port under the dash MUST work

You should have good drive tires to avoid roller slippage and disintegration of the tire while doing a pull.

Make sure all belts and hoses are in trustworthy shape.

Your cooling system must have the capacity to adequately cool your vehicle.

To get O2 data you will need to have an available O2 sensor bung for our wideband, on some cars we can turn off the rear O2 sensors and use one of those bungs. If easily accessible we can install a bung for you for $50 (price is subject to exhaust configuration) or you can have about any muffler shop do it.  If you have one put in, if possible make it within 6 inches from the factory bungs in an easily accessible place. DO NOT PUT IT ON THE BOTTOM AT THE 6 O'CLOCK POSITION.

For long tube headers, custom exhaust, turbos etc.. where the O2 sensor may not be in the factory location, lengthen the original wires on the vehicle or just buy an O2 extension harness. Please do not lengthen the wires on the O2 sensor itself as it could lead to calibration problems.

If your car has adjustable timing, set it at 10 degrees. We can set it upon your request, but it's always best to use your own light, as they can differ from light to light. Please remove all aftermarket timing adjusters or at minimum set it back to factory specs..

Be sure you have good spark plugs, gapped correctly for your application (usually .040-.055 for n/a applications and .025-.030 for forced inducted applications), and if equipped good plug wires.

Fuel pressure should be at factory specs, usually 39.5 psi in Ford applications with no vacuum on the regulator.

Before you show up we need the EEC catch code, e.g. A9P, U4PO, AMZ2 etc.

If possible to save $20 have your ECM out and ready to have the chip installed before you get to the shop. Call us for any questions regarding what is entailed.  Discount only applies to vehicles receiving a chip.


Forced Inducted Cars

Be sure you have newer, preferably brand new, regular copper spark plugs in the car. Be certain they are gapped correctly for your application (usually .025-.030 for forced inducted applications).

If your car is equipped make sure your plug wires are good.

Platinum, Iridium, and most "new-fangled" plugs are just too flaky and can cause tuning issues.

The fuel pressure regulator must be boost referenced (factory regulators are!!) and have a hose connected so that it sees the same absolute pressure signal as the manifold, or we cannot tune the car.

You must have an adequate fuel system, meaning big enough pump, injectors, lines and fuel rails. We can help you get the parts you need to make sure you have plenty of fuel. Remember on a blown car you can never have too much fuel.

NO FMU's you need injectors that are big enough PERIOD. We will not tune with a FMU to band aid having too small of injectors.

The ACT / IAT (air charge temp sensor) must be on the compressed air (outlet) side of the blower or turbo. We cannot tune your car accurately if it's on the inlet side of the compressor.